Who we are

EP Greens is a family owned and operated local business. We started growing in 2017 to provide fresh and delicious produce to Northern Colorado. Having moved to Colorado several years ago, the owners of EP Greens have been amazed and inspired by the local food movement, and the value that Coloradans place on great, ethically sourced foods.

Indoor vertical farming

In addition to growing year-round, indoor hydroponic farming allows for far more environmental control than traditional farming methods. We manage light, temperature, humidity, water composition, and other factors to ensure the ideal environment for our crops to flourish. This fine environmental control yields tasty and nutritious crops in a short time, and enables us to grow microgreens and other sensitive plants that may not stand up to outdoor cultivation.

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Are we organic?

Yes and no. There is currently no standard and widely available organic certification for hydroponic farms, and some debate around how organic standards developed for soil-based farming are applied in hydroponics. Our inputs, however, including seed and fertilizer, are either certified organic or made from raw minerals, so we are confident in promising that you will receive a fresh and natural product completely free of pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants. We don’t have to deal with bugs, other critters, or weeds, so you get a cleaner product.

What we grow

Our main crops are cut leaf lettuces, herbs including sage, dill, basil, and thyme, and a variety of microgreens. We are happy to work with chefs and other wholesale buyers on specialty requests, and we can do so with a quick turnaround. Please contact us for wholesale availability and price list.